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Worried about having the vaccine?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Phobias are excessive, extreme, irrational, fear or panic reaction about a situation, living creature, place or object.

Phobias are intense fears that can start small, but end up affecting all areas of your life. Having a phobia means that you spend a lot of time overthinking and stressing out about different situations which could cause you to avoid anything to do with the fear. This makes the phobia worse and limits what you do in your life as you don’t feel safe in everyday situations.

What Helps?

If you have persistent scary images associated with your fear which are feeding into your fear then the Rewind technique is a quick and effect way to stop the memories popping into your mind each time you think of anything to do with your fear. The method only takes 10 minutes and you may only need one session for it to work. I am trained in this technique and have had the treatment myself for my phobia which was called Emetophobia, which is a fear of vomiting, and it helped considerably with my phobia. The technique is used mainly for people who suffer from flashback due to PTSD but very effective for phobias.

In the link below is an article in the Metro which I contributed to, which has some other useful ways to cope with having needle phobia.

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