• Joanne Greaves

Tips for managing negative and repetitive thoughts

When our stress levels are high and we are suffering from anxiety, worry or depression our thought patterns can become negative, panicky and repetitive. It can seem as if the thoughts are on a loop and we have no way of stopping them and we can feel overwhelmed and distressed by the content of them.

  • Understand that everyone has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day and of those between 80% and 95% are negative and repetitive.

  • Trying to push thoughts away or avoid thinking about them can make them worse.

  • Accept the thoughts as, just thoughts they are not facts, the thoughts are our brains misguided way trying to protect us when we feel stressed or anxious, by putting our minds on high alert.

  • Listening or watching a mindfulness recording can help us to understand that all thoughts, feelings and moods are constantly changing and however scary or upsetting they are, they always pass.

  • Being outside in nature can help to switch off our minds from being caught up in thought loops, as we are looking around at different

  • surroundings, we are distracted and can feel more relaxed.

  • Getting active and doing exercise, releases dopamine and endorphins, which are the feel - good chemicals that help to calm our brains down from stress and anxiety.

  • Talking to a professional to find out the root of your negative thoughts and anxiety is important part of coping with anxiety and negative thoughts.

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