• Joanne Greaves

Self-care tips to lower anxiety

  • Caffeine is a stimulant which can cause the flight or fright part of our brain to be on high alert and ready to act if our mind senses danger. Having too much caffeine is known to induce anxiety and panic attacks especially for people who already have high stress in their lives.

  • Changing to decaffeinated coffee, tea, energy or soft drinks can help to lower anxiety levels and can help with people affected with sleep issues. Herbal teas can be really effective choice for managing stress, special bedtime infused teas can be useful for getting a good night's sleep.

  • A healthy body has a vibration frequency of 62-72 MHz different things that come into contact with the body to cause this to lower. For example, when we are ill with a cold or a bug this rate will become lower and this effects how we feel not only physically but mentally too.

  • Everything has a frequency for example the foods we eat and even the thoughts in our mind. Some studies show that when we have negative thoughts our frequency is lowered by 12 MHz and when we have a positive thought it increases by 10 MHz

  • Essential oils when defused either in an oil burner or worn on a piece of lava rock diffusion jewellery, have been proven to help to increase our bodies vibration to a natural flow. The best oils to increase our frequency are Rose 320 MHz, frankincense 147MHz and Lavender 118MHz.

  • Whether you can believe or understand the body vibration theory it's worth giving the oils a regular try and see if the smell alone brings peace to the body and mind.

  • Practicing relaxation every day is really important in training the body and brain to be more relaxed generally. Listening to guided relaxation or hypnosis recordings can help to train the flight and fright part of the brain to be calm.

  • Practicing mindfulness or a short mediation daily is also helpful in bringing anxiety levels down and relaxing the mind, there are apps that can be helpful as a guide and as a way of getting in to a routine of practicing regularly.

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