• Joanne Greaves

How to deal with feelings of discomfort - Health Anxiety

If you suffer from Health anxiety or are having a stressful time you may be overly aware of every bodily sensation and may panic when you have an uncomfortable feeling.

When you notice discomfort in the body this can be a trigger for an anxious mind that something serious is wrong and can set off anxious feelings and thoughts in your mind. These can escalate and causes more anxiety which makes the uncomfortable feeling last longer and sometimes make it feel worse.

The uncomfortable feeling is not the problem it's how you react to it that can make it feel worse or keep it going for longer.

  • Understand that from time to time having uncomfortable feelings in our bodies is normal.

  • Acknowledge the feeling for what it is an uncomfortable feeling and accept it for that.

  • Don't try to do anything to make the feeling go just observe it. (this can be difficult).

  • Relax your body - this tells your body and mind you're not in danger.

  • Try and see if you can see what size, shape, texture and colour the pain is and if its moving or still.

  • You may notice the feeling moving around your body or even disappearing.

  • Allow the feeling to stay for as long as it wants and engage back into what you were doing before you noticed the discomfort.

  • Your mind may keep reminding you of the feeling so just say thankyou for letting me know I am fine and continue to do what you are doing.

Resistance is what keeps uncomfortable thoughts and feelings going and can make them scarier. Learning to let go and accept thoughts and feeling lets them pass more quickly and they don't bother you so much anymore.

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