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Areas of Expertise

What do you want from coming to counselling?

You may be suffering from anxiety Panic attack or trauma. Is it holding you back from what you want to do in your life? 

I have undertaken specialist training around treating trauma, anxiety and panic attacks. I can really help you in this area as I can empathise with you and I understand what strategies help in these areas. 

I am passionate about helping people with anxiety, to feel relaxed and at ease in everyday situations that cause life to be difficult. I will work with you to help you feel more relaxed in your day to day life.

Confidence and self Esteem

Do you struggle saying no to people and end up committing to things you don't want to do? This can cause stress and anxiety and lead to you to put others peoples needs before your own. We can talk through and find out why this keeps happening and uncover ways of learning to say what you want in an assertive way. After working through these issues, you will start to feel more confident and it will improve your self - esteem. 


Are you having issues in your relationships with your partner, family or friends through exploring the relationships you will learn to communicate in a more affect way and have better relationships as a result?


The counselling I offer, is based on building a strong relationship with you so that you feel at ease and able to talk about anything you want to. We will work together, to discover what is causing you to feel stressed and work out what you want to change or achieve to feel better in your everyday life. I am confidential and non - judgemental and you can trust me to listen without judging you in anyway. I don't offer advise but have a tried and tested strategies that work if you are experiencing Trauma, anxiety or panic attacks. Sometimes small changes can have a great long- lasting effect on how you feel in your life. 


I work with families, parents, friends and grandparent who are wanting to talk through their grief after losing a loved one. I know each person is an individual and deals with loss in different ways. I can be that person who will listen in a caring manner and will be alongside you at one of the most difficult time in your life. 

My Approach

At present I am offering 50 minutes zoom or telephone Person Centred counselling sessions. This can be arranged on a date and time that suits you in the comfort of your home.

I realise each person is an individual and I will work with you to tailor the counselling sessions to suit your needs, so you get the very best from counselling. I will work with you to create a strong trusting relationship, where you will feel able to open up and explore areas of your life where you are having difficulties.  

At our first session I will aim to make you feel comfortable and we can talk about what you want from the counselling sessions. If you don't know exactly that is ok, we can explore to find out what is making you feel not yourself. We will work together to talk through whatever issue is causing you concern or distress. 

 I don't offer answers or give advice, as I believed each individual knows themselves the best so I encourage you to find the answers inside of you. However, as I have lived experience of anxiety, I do have a toolbox of tried and tested strategies that I know work so I will offer these to you alongside the counselling sessions as I know they work. 

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