More about me

I am a qualified Person-Centred counsellor and a member of the BACP, I believe that the relationship with the client is the most important part of counselling. I have personally experienced of living with anxiety and I can fully understand and empathise with my clients. By seeking out therapy myself, this has helped me to move away from letting anxiety control my life.

Throughout my training, I worked for a charity that helps individual family members who are affected by one of their loved ones who abuse alcohol and drugs. By working through these feelings and understanding how it affects the whole family, my clients started to feel they could move forwards in their lives despite their difficult life situations. My clients started to understand what to do to make themselves feel better and this enabled them to move forwards in their lives in a positive way.

Another part of my training involved working in a child bereavement centre, where I sat alongside parents at the most painful and difficult times in their lives. Having someone outside of their families who would listen and offer empathy helped them to grieve at a time and pace that suited them. 

Before training to become a counselling, I worked as a charity fund raiser for my local children hospice. Seeing the difference this made to the families Affected who used to the hospice was very rewarding and fulfilling.